This is an agreement between you and Mapúa that describes your rights to use Mapúa Office 365 and account services.
By using this service, you are agreeing to these terms so we urge you to read them carefully.

Terms of Services Information

Services covered by this agreement

  1. This agreement applies to your use of Mapúa Office 365 accounts and applications. Please also read Microsoft Service Agreement.
  2. The Development Office for Information Technology (DO-IT) shall provide the following support services:
    • Account creation
    • Account management (e.g. password reset)
    • License management
    • Access rights management
    • Reactivation of dormant accounts
  3. Users shall be directly responsible for, but is not limited to, the management of their files, documents, content, and mailbox including its backup, recovery, and content sharing.


  1. This service is available to all enrolled students, teaching and non-teaching personnel of the Mapúa University.
  2. Office 365 license shall be provided for its students, teaching and non-teaching personnel which includes access to enterprise-level applications such as Office 365 Apps, OneDrive for Business, Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, and SharePoint Online.
  3. Teaching and non-teaching personnel will retain their assigned corporate email accounts in lieu of Exchange Online.
  4. Teaching and non-teaching personnel who resigned or terminated from the university will no longer have a license from Office 365 and all documents therein.

Office 365 account

  1. DO-IT shall automatically create Office 365 accounts for eligible users.
  2. DO-IT may provision service Office 365 accounts (e.g. for schools, offices, and/or departments that shall require it. The service Office 365 account shall be managed by the department head who is responsible for the management of all content and shall be responsible for mail box delegation to staff.
  3. Teaching and non-teaching personnel will retain their assigned corporate email accounts in lieu of Exchange Online.
  4. TThe standard Microsoft Office 365 username shall be in the following format:
    • <User network logon account>
    • <User network logon account>

Acceptable use

  1. The product name services shall be used by students, teaching and non-teaching personnel in the lawful and acceptable discharge of their duties and responsibilities.
  2. This service prohibits the following acts:
    • The distribution of information and/or materials that may directly or indirectly put the school's name in disgrace
    • The distribution of information and/or materials that contain libelous, defamatory, offensive, racist or obscene remarks and/or unsolicited information. If you receive materials of this nature, you must promptly notify DO-IT
    • The distribution or redistribution of confidential/sensitive information without the owner's consent
    • The use of the service for personal gain The unauthorized access to data or programs cont
    • The unauthorized access to data or programs contained in the service
    • Users are prohibited from using applications, exploits, and/or techniques that directly or indirectly target the service, any of its features, and/or managed information or content in the attempt of gaining or bypassing security access, reverse engineer, inject code, introspect or reflect code or date, alter appearance or behavior of the feature or service, and/or deny service availability in general

Termination of services

  1. Violations of the terms in the acceptable use will result to any of the following actions taken against you:
    • Removing your files/content from the various services herein
    • Suspending your access to the services
    • Asking you to refrain from certain activities
    • Canceling your services
    • Referring illegal activities to appropriate authorities
  2. Users who were expelled, or otherwise discharged at cause shall have their Mapúa Office 365 accounts removed immediately.
  3. Any account that has not been used for the past three (3) months shall be considered dormant and will be disabled.

Changes to these terms and contacting us

  1. DO-IT may occasionally change the contents of the terms in this agreement. We will provide notifications prior to instituting these changes.
  2. DO-IT welcomes your comments regarding this terms of service. For comments and suggestions, please contact our helpdesk at